Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flashify APK FULL (for root users) v1.1.4

Flashify APK FULL (for root users) v1.1.4
Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: Flash your boot images, recovery images and zip files right away using Flashify!
Flashify APK FULL (for root users) v1.1.4   Flashify APK FULL (for root users) v1.1.4
1 - Flash boot and recovery images without even needing to go to recovery.
2 - Flash zip files. Option to wipe cache, dalvik and data when using TWRP recovery.
3 - Backup/Restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud (Dropbox).
4 - Automatic cloud synchronization of Dropbox backups between devices and desktops.
4 - Keep track of recently flashed items.
7 - Flash from anywhere! Do you want to flash from your favorite File Explorer? No biggie, that also works together with Flashify. Any other app that opens files will also work with Flashify, seamslessly, for the best user experience.

Flashing multiple zips works with TWRP. Just flash one zip after the other.
IMPORTANT : If you want to wipe cache, dalvik or data, make sure to only choose those options in the last flash, or the multiple zip flashing won't work!

Currently tested and fully working on the following devices:
- Galaxy Nexus
- Nexus 7
- Nexus 4
- Nexus 10

What's New
- Internal file explorer now allows you to choose a file from anywhere, not just the internal sdcard.
- Flash Queue (For TWRP) is always accessible from the action bar.
- Fixed some issues regarding flashing zips.
- SDcard backups are now placed in the app specific Android folder for compatibility reasons. This means that it will work better, but if you uninstall the app, you will lose your sdcard backups.




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