Wednesday, July 4, 2012

WhosCall (Who’s Calling) v3.1.11 Apk

WhosCall (Who’s Calling) v3.1.11 Apk
WhosCall (Who’s Calling) v3.1.11 Apk
Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
Overview: WhosCall guarantees you a FREE Real-time Caller ID service.
WhosCall has helped millions of people recognizing strange calls.

It is definitely the best App ever for real-time caller ID in Android Market, and is beyond all praise in Google CEO. Download it now, no need to hesitate!

WhosCall helps you identify strange calls in seconds by Internet searching. No matter what kinds of calls you receive, ex. malevolent phone fraud, disturbing telemarketing calls, or just calls from the stores, you are able to be aware of a€œWhoa€™s Callinga€ at a glance.

With WhosCall, no more hesitation before answering strange calls! And
the function of number tagging allows you to set up temporary contact list easily.

Features about the WhosCall (Who’s Calling) v3.1.11 Apk

? Global Caller-ID
Connect with 170 Countries’ Local Number Resources.

? Plug & Play!
No need of complex setup! Once installed, strange numbers can be identified immediately. No huge database to download to your phone.

? Real-time searching
With fair Internet access, WhosCall provides real-time phone number lookup in seconds.

? Smart floating Caller ID
No influence on original functions of receiving phone calls.
Caller ID in floating window allows you to review the caller information during a phone call.

? Smart Number Tagging
With the default tags and key word suggestion function, is quick and easy to add simple notes for calls, for reminder or identification purpose.

? Block Calls
Even private number calls can be blocked easily, Say goodbye to frauds and telemarkting calls!

? Callback Widget
Widgets allow you to get quick understanding for the latest incoming call.

?Efficient to use
Improved version reclaims your battery.

? FREE forever!
Just enjoy it!

? Exclusive for Android!
Apple fans envy you!

System requirements:
(1) Android v2.1 or higher versions
(2) With fair Internet access, the real-time lookup will be amazing.

Thank you for encouraging us with ?????. Stars push us to upgrade our service!
Should you have any suggestion or idea for WhosCall, please do not hesitate to let us know on our facebook Page:
Arabic Fanpage
USA Fanpage…32833253432481
India Fanpage…80142122066395

Let us create intelligent and good life for WhosCall Community!

Recent changes:
Provide Sending Phone Number and Private Tag Function (Long Press)

Content rating: Everyone

More info about the WhosCall (Who’s Calling) v3.1.11 Apk

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