Sunday, July 1, 2012

InterFit Boxing 1.2 Apk

InterFit Boxing 1.2 Apk
InterFit Boxing 1.2 Apk
Requirements: Android 2.1 & up
Overview: Following a professional trainer through boxing workouts step-by-step.
Welcome to InterFit a€“Mobile fitness solutions redefined.

InterFit stands for a€œInteractive Fitnessa€ and offers just that a€“ engaging and interactive mobile touchscreen fitness solutions.
The InterFit programs are unlike anything ever seen on the market before. Gone are the days of reading text or looking at images and trying to follow. Our programs use real trainers who train with you in real time!
Whether using our industry first InterFit Kiosks or our InterFit Mobile Applications, access to our innovative and world-class fitness programs is never too far away a€“ literally a finger stroke away.
Introducing InterFit Boxing
Combining: Fitness, Boxing and Kickboxing a€“ InterFit Box.
Following a professional trainer, these programs walk you through boxing workouts step-by-step. The movements are explained and demonstrated in real time.
Therea€™s a huge rage of boxing movements and combinations for you to follow – from uppercuts and jabs; to left-hooks and right-hooks; to snap kicks and more! Therea€™s never a dull moment with InterFit Boxing!

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